An Exclusive Offer from Rogers

United Properties is happy to inform you that Rogers has further increased their level of service by providing us with a dedicated sales team responsible for providing you with the best promotions they have to offer.

There’s enough to worry about when it comes to moving into a new home and you certainly don’t need the added stress of dealing with multiple providers. Rogers is a proven leader that offers hassle-free access to everything you need while helping you stay connected to friends, family and the world around you.

The Dedicated Rogers Ottawa Sales Team will take the time to explain, capture and customize the best package for you and your family. They’re also happy to assist you with any other Rogers products or services that you may wish to add to your existing account, all while providing the best offers on cable TV, internet and home phone. Not only will they help save you money, they’ll also help you make your moving process a little easier by transferring your Rogers products and services for free!

Please enjoy the convenience of having a dedicated sales team to help you with anything and everything you need to make your move easier. The Dedicated Rogers Ottawa Sales Team can be reached at 613-759-8531/1-855-494-8097 or

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